With half of 2017 already behind us, now is a great time to make assessments of your overall business goals and strategies. Are you on track to reach your goals and desired outcomes that you’ve set for your business? If not, then your current marketing plan (or the lack thereof) likely plays a big part.

As we move towards 2018, it’s vital you, as a business owner, begin to make the necessary shift towards business automation systems to improve your overall business practices. Making upgrades to your current business model to include both business and marketing automation systems may be the boost that your business needs to see major improvements. In other words, you may need to simply Medialyze your marketing systems by utilizing the professional services of Medialyze Marketing.

You may be wondering what automated business and marketing systems are or how they could improve your business. Below is an overview of business automation and how your business can benefit from it.

What is Business and Marketing Automation?

Automated Business Systems:

Business Automation, also referred to as Business Process Automation (BPA), is a strategy that business owners use to automate their processes and systems within their organization. This is done with the intent of improving tasks, speeding up process time, and reducing cost.

These business systems consist of different areas to include: integration of software applications, restructuring of labor and professional resources, and modifying inventory systems; as well as many other systems that automate and streamline processes.

Automated Marketing Systems:

Marketing automation, on the other hand, is a system within the overall business automation process that focuses solely on the automation of marketing. These areas include market research, market segmentation, customer data integration, lead generation, advertising, campaign management and so forth.

Automated marketing systems help businesses drive traffic to their website and ultimately increase conversions and sales. Not only does it automate and streamline marketing activities, but its systems can also measure the outcomes and performance of marketing activities. Implementing marketing automation strategies allows business owners to increase their operational efficiency and experience growth at a much faster rate.

However, developing automated systems for business or marketing can be challenging to a business owner who is not trained in these areas. That is why utilizing a company such as Medialyze Marketing to develop the best automated systems for your specific business model will be most conducive to the success of your business.

What Types of Businesses can benefit from Automated Systems?

Many businesses currently use a wide variety of automation software systems that are available. These include B2C businesses, B2B businesses, small businesses or large businesses, for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations.

How Marketing Automation Systems Work

One of the most beneficial reasons for considering a marketing automation system for your business is its effectiveness towards the end result. Those who have taken the time to measure their marketing performance will see that there is a drastic difference between automated systems versus manual systems. For example, with the assistance of a professional marketing company, you can many of the marketing and sales processes that were previously done manually. This will help to reduce human resources, increase efficiency and ultimately increase conversion due to a more efficient sales funnel.

Automating your marketing plan is also important due to the fast-evolving digital world

Examples of what an automated marketing system can do for your business are listed below:

1. Streamline the Research Process

Streamlining the marketing research process makes it easier for businesses to not only research competitors, but also research your market segmentation so that you are targeting the right group of people during your marketing efforts. This alone will both streamline the process and move business owners or marketing professionals along the marketing funnel a lot faster.

2. Customer Service and Lead Nurturing Systems

Customer engagement has gotten more and more important. It’s equally important for business owners to find ways to automate their responses to both their current customers and potential customers. This process can also be automated through automated marketing systems.

3. Customer Retention Management

With the large increase of competition in both digital and the traditional marketing space, it’s critical for businesses to find ways to maintain their customers once they capture them. The use of a market automation system will also assist with customer retention management as well.

4. Streamlines and Manages Growth

As your company begins to grow, an automated marketing system will seamlessly allow you to make smooth transitions throughout your growth stages. Your business will be able to take on and manage more data as your business begins to grow. The more data you collect as a business the more data we can leverage in the marketing world to increase your customer base or extend your current product lines.

5. Develop and Maintain Customer Relations Management Systems

This area allows you:

A) Track leads: Monitor and record their buying and spending habits

B) Effortlessly link sales reps to sales leads

C) Maintain records of products and services previously purchased

D) Maintain records of the last person who communicated with a potential or existing customer

E) Leverage data to sell more

Maintaining good notes in your customer relations management system will allow others to properly engage with your leads and actual customers.

The number of tactics that could be automated is endless. By utilizing a professional marketing team, such as Medialyze Marketing, you can have customized systems that are specific to the way you run your business; and in the process, you will discover how it will significantly enhance your overall business and marketing efforts.

So, before developing your new 2018 marketing plan, please feel free to contact us at Medialyze Marketing for more information and let us help you before you begin.

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