In the evolution of digital marketing, content marketing is the next step in the process. Instead of trying to entice audiences directly with a video or print advertisement, content marketing is a more subtle form of advertisement. In fact, some customers might not even realize that it’s an advertisement at all. With content marketing, you create website content like blogs, tweets, and videos that make your products relevant, offer special tips and tricks, provide humor and insight, and build interest in your company. Other forms of content marketing include instructions and how-to guides with a call to action at the end. In any case, content marketing is one of the best ways to secure your place in the fast-paced world of digital promotion.

Are you new to the content marketing game? Do you have experience, but feel like interest has plateaued or started to decrease? Here’s why you should take steps to boost your content marketing strategy in the next year.

1. It’s Incredibly Versatile

Content marketing is one of the most versatile forms of advertising. You’re not limited to videos, a script, or static images. You can choose from blog posts on a variety of subjects, funny and informational videos, images and artwork, charts and graphs, and even interactive mobile games and apps. Virtually every form of content can be incorporated into your content marketing strategy.

2. It Gives You More Flexibility

Once you invest in content marketing, you’re not tied down to one particular strategy. Don’t have money in the budget for weekly videos? You can alternate between videos and blog posts. Want to show off your art skills? Draw comics and post informational charts. You can even blend strategies together, like writing blog posts that accompany your videos.

3. It’s Much More Subtle

Most traditional forms of advertising don’t have much subtlety. There’s no question that they’re trying to sell you a product. This isn’t a bad strategy, and can actually be a valuable part of your business’s overall marketing plan. However, content marketing is more subtle and indirect. Instead of being led right into an advertisement, your clients might learn something new, watch a funny video, or read an insightful blog post. Essentially, you’ll seem more like a friend than a corporate entity. And if they identify with your content, they’ll be more likely to buy your products or services.

4. It Gives You More Time to Make Your Point

When you purchase a 30-second slot for a television ad, you don’t have much time to really sell your product. Print and banner ads are even more restrictive. But content marketing gives you much more freedom to introduce your product, explain why it’s useful and relevant, and help your customers incorporate it into their lives. A blog post or a three-minute video gives you the time and flexibility to make a more convincing case.

5. It’s Fun and Useful

Most people wouldn’t describe watching commercials as “fun,” and unless they’re the advertiser, they certainly wouldn’t call it “useful.” But promotional content offers helpful articles and videos that can teach clients about the subject, share tips and tricks, give instructions, etc. Some businesses also include humor and funny stories to spice up their content. Your customers will enjoy browsing your content–they won’t just do it out of obligation.

6. It’s Instantly Relevant

One important goal of selling a product is making the product seem relevant to the audience’s lifestyle. After all, if it’s not interesting or relevant, why would they buy it? Blogs and videos can show clients how the product will improve their lives, making it seem like a wise purchase, even a necessity. Many blogs offer tips and instructions to get clients interested, then explain that they can buy these products at their website.

7. It Won’t Break Your Budget

If you make your content yourself, it’s typically cheap–and in some cases, virtually free. If you pay a company to make content for you, most content is still typically affordable. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a TV spot, you can invest in multiple online videos or countless blog posts.

8. It Can Reach a Wide Audience

The Internet has completely revolutionized our lives, with many social media websites receiving millions of views each day. If you’ve working with a good marketing strategy, you can easily promote your content and receive hundreds or even thousands of views. Even if you’re working with a niche service or product, you’re sure to find someone on the Internet that’s interested.

9. It Shows That You’re a Modern Business

When you take advantage of modern technology, you’re showing your customers that you’re a state-of-the-art business that stays ahead of the curve. In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s important to stay on top of trends and adjust your marketing plans accordingly. Blog posts, videos, and modern graphic design appeals to people across generations.

10. It’s Constantly Evolving

The Internet, like many aspects of today’s culture, is constantly evolving. If you stay up-to-date on the latest in content marketing, you’ll know what your customers want and adjust your strategy to accommodate them. Boost your marketing strategy today, and you’ll be investing in tomorrow’s profits.

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